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Meet Amelia

Take the focus off symptoms.
Rebuild your body. 
Start your healing journey.

About the Program...



Phase One on average takes 3-6 months to complete.

    • Addressing Nutrition: Moving to a 90% whole food diet during this phase

    • Mindset Training: Become aware of the thoughts you have and the power they hold over your physical healing

    • Functional Tests: Initially we look at the Organic Acids Test, Genetics & Blood Work

    • Supporting the brain by addressing neurotransmitters and the body by looking at mitochondrial function, the thyroid, and other healing opportunities

    • Repair Detox Pathways & optimizing liver functions

    • Run a DUTCH test and address hormone imbalances

Phase Two takes an average of 6 months

    • Proper gut testing to pick up what is often missed

    • Once the body is rebalanced and strengthened then the gut is addressed

    • Metals are addressed slowly while the body is able to safely detoxify at its own rate

About Kristen...

Integrative Healing Practitioner

My journey to becoming an Integrative Healing Practitioner was largely fueled by knowing exactly how it feels to chase symptoms and get nowhere. I have worked with a number of practitioners who wouldn't listen, wrote symptoms off, and ultimately made things worse in the end by pushing supplements and treatment plans that weren't right for me. A few years ago, while casually scrolling through Facebook I saw a question answered by Sandie Gascon in a group that I didn't even realize I was in. Little did I know her group  would be life changing! I went through the exact program that I am now taking my own clients through. I no longer had to hunt for my own answers. I unlabeled myself of any diagnosis I had been given. I wasn't guessing about the supplements I was taking. The things I learned and the tests that were run made SO MUCH SENSE. The moment Sandie announced that she was opening the Integrative Healing Academy, I was ready to enroll. The one thing I have always desired is to use my own experience and knowledge to help others who are feeling like they just can't find answers. 

Why Naturopathy

Why Choose Integrative Healing? 

Integrative Healing addresses the whole person; the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you have been searching for healing for years, are new to this journey, or just want to maintain optimal health, there is much to benefit from in this program. 

Through years of chasing symptoms myself, I had been through many unsuccessful programs. I've been told "no" to running some of the most basic foundation tests, played the guessing game on what could be causing symptoms, been told to push through reactions to supplements, and the list goes on. The anxiety over symptoms, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs were never addressed. Before ever taking a single supplement I felt an enormous amount of relief just by addressing those things through working on my own mindset. 

The physical side of this program involves learning about what is right for YOU, not some standard protocol. Your genetics are unique, your health history isn't the same as the person before you, and journey you've been on to this point is yours alone. We'll run tests to discover imbalances and deficiencies and address those before adding any stress on the body with any type of detox or gut work. 

Coaching Packages

Outlined below are the current available coaching packages.

Additional coaching calls can be added to any plan at $150/hour. 

If you're ready to start working together, contact me to set up a free 20 minute health assessment call. We'll go over your health goals as well as how the program works. Coaching packages are outlined below.

All tests and supplements are an additional cost.

I'm happy to answer any additional questions on the call! 

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